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Swiss Coop marketplaces realize the connection of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers via the brickfox supplier portal.

With the brickfox supplier portal, the Swiss Coop Group realizes the connection of manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers to the marketplaces Interdiscount and Microspot. The onboarding process as well as the integration of retailers and the associated expansion of the marketplace assortments is thus highly efficient. The goal is to increase the variety of articles, the inventory and thus the attractiveness of the two Coop marketplaces faster with brickfox as a „growth accelerator“.

The brickfox portal enables Interdiscount & Microspot to integrate retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers into your marketplace landscape independently of your existing eCommerce system. Technically, the brickfox portal distinguishes between two different connection types – connection of marketplace partners with ERP system and without ERP system. Marketplace partners who work without an ERP system or whose ERP is not able to prepare product data for Interdiscount/Microspot use this functionality in brickfox. In addition to product data preparation and transfer to Interdiscount/Microspot, brickfox coordinates order management processes such as the setting and transfer of shipping statuses or the creation of delivery bills.

In addition to its function as a „growth accelerator“, the supplier portal is a comprehensive controlling tool. Performance analyses – from SKU monitoring to order monitoring – provide information about important KPIs such as products that are online, products sold, orders or delivery times … the basis to strategically develop further.

brickfox is our growth multiplier. The brickfox supplier portal takes over the onboarding of new retailers for Interdiscount & Microspot. This way, we are able to generate fast and efficient marketplace growth without our own resources – without our own man power and without our own input of goods …

Alexius Baumeler | Head of Online Operations , Interdiscount

Advantages of the brickfox supplier portal for marketplace operators:

Dealer Integration / Onboarding

The integration of ERP systems via brickfox Portal allows the fast inclusion of new retailers into the Coop marketplace landscape. brickfox Portal serves as a central interface and adapter to the marketplaces Interdiscount & Microspot.

Extended offers

With the incorporation of new retailers, the variety and availability of items on the Interdiscount and Microspot marketplaces are increasing. The marketplaces are growing.

Optimized Conversions

The expansion of the product range increases the attractiveness of the marketplace. More customers and a longer dwell time per customer have a positive effect on conversions.

Rising Sales

Without their own team resources and without their own merchandise risk, Interdiscount and Microspot can expand their offers, optimize conversions and increase sales accordingly.

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