• The brickfox eCommerce PIM is used for the central administration (creation, management and processing) of all product data for your multichannel online trading.
  • Be able to enrich product information according to the specifications of your sales channels.
  • Numerous features such as virtual warehouse management, handling multiple variants, etc. supplement common ERP functionalities.
  • The brickfox software enables the individual definition of company-specific workflows, such as rights, user and role allocation.

The brickfox multichannel management enables you to control your online trade clearly and intelligently – regardless of the type and number of sales channels.

  • Maximum efficiency with the automated assortment control according to individually defined rules.
  • Coordination of the management of your assortment on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Otto in online shops, on comparison portals and POS systems.
  • Cross-channel order and inventory management (just as virtual inventory management per channel) guarantee optimal control of your offers and prevent oversales.

brickfox offers a tool to manage your assortment in shops/ multi-shops based on Shopware or Oxid.

  • The central management of product data and assortment significantly simplifies your online trading and can be used in online shops, in a multichannel combination with marketplaces, in various branch shops and in international online shops.
  • Smart brickfox features complement shop functions.
  • The flexible brickfox software structure and its individual customization options can implement special eCommerce scenarios.

If you use several ERP systems, brickfox takes over the order splitting, and controls incoming orders in the right ERP system.

  • The brickfox ERP connector can integrate almost every ERP / Wawi into the multichannel landscape.
  • The bidirectional interface enables the exchange of stocks, availability, product data, order status (including tracking information), cancellations, returns and credits.
  • Update cycles can be freely selected or linked to a specific event.
  • brickfox customers who do not want the complete integration of their ERP / WaWi for now can use the option of data transfer via CSV, XML or CMEcat.

The brickfox multichannel eCommerce solution ensures a direct connection of the supply chain participants. This includes a simple supplier integration such as the integration of partners from the wholesale trade or manufacturers within the process chain.

Functions: importing and consolidating product data from multiple suppliers, importing inventory numbers and availability, and transmitting complete product data from available industry databases such as Prodanet.

Our multichannel eCommerce software is a Software as a Service and therefore 100% web-based.

  • Easy reachability at any time via your internet browser
  • Access to brickfox independet of your location
  • Simplifies collaborations with external service providers
  • High availability through hosting in a first-class data center
  • Independence from a local dealer IT infrastructure
  • Automatic backup of your data
  • We offer performance analyses such as standard evaluations of channel performance, product group results and article research, that are able to adjust according to your wishes and priorities.
  • All processes work fully automated.



  • No one-time system fee

  • Unlimited sales channels

  • 500 orders incl.

  • up to 25.000 articles (SKU)

  • plus setup costs


  • 2.999,-€ one-time system fee

  • unlimited sales channels

  • 5.000 orders incl.

  • up to 100.000 articles (SKU)

  • plus setup costs


  • 3.999,-€ one-time system fee

  • unlimited sales channels

  • 10.000 orders incl.

  • up to 100.000 articles (SKU)

  • plus setup costs


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