Multichannel eCommerce Functions



  • Achievement of extensive reach due to the connection of frequently visited marketplaces
  • Shopping experience for the customer due to homogeneity of the channels
  • Automated control of the sales channels
  • Integration of online and offline channels


  • public marketplaces like Amazon (international),,,
  • Exclusive marketplaces like,,,
  • B2B marketplaces like
  • Online shops, even multiple different online shop systems at the same time
  • Mobile terminals
  • Stationary trade

The organised control by means of a filter mechanism in brickfox and the complete automation of the standard processes which facilitate realising a significant reduction of the required work for the online merchant are essential in that context.


Multichannel describes the distribution via many sales channels of a different type. These are typically own online shops, stationary channels and distribution platforms. Especially the distribution platforms are the ones which play an increasingly important role in E-Commerce. Marketplaces like, etc. generate a reach which cannot be achieved in other ways.

The control in POS systems, in online shops and on distribution platforms is realised in an organised manner. This means that the online merchant is able to individually define for each product which channel it should be available on and whether certain products are exclusively available on individual channels only.


A customer wants to buy a dress that she discovered in your online shop. However, she would like to try it on beforehand. She sees online that the dress is no longer in stock in the branch that is relevant to her, but has the opportunity to order the dress from another branch to her branch and reserve it.
She does that and comes – together with her friend – to the store now in order to try on the dress. The customer likes her look in the dress and discovers the matching shoes as well. In the meantime, the friend has also browsed around and found something. The two ladies purchase a dress, a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and a sweater.
Without the online shop, the ladies might not have visited your retail store that day. At the end of the day, the symbiosis of offline and online trade gets you two satisfied customers and a full cash register as a result.