eCommerce Software - Functions


The brickfox E-Commerce Cloud is the all-round solution for your online trade. It manages your entire product and customer data and controls orders as well as availabilities. The performance-oriented middleware connects the inventory management, PIM and distribution channels, e.g. online shops and online marketplaces. Due to its enormous flexibility, the cloud solution can be smoothly integrated in existing infrastructures.

The brickfox E-Commerce Cloud coordinates the control of your products at numerous online marketplaces, e.g. Amazon, Ebay etc., in order to optimise your online trading reach. Being the central control element, the E-Commerce Cloud controls your trade from the supplier all the way to the online distribution channel.

The country-specific language selection, the possibility to maintain price lists in different currencies per channel and the option to individually adjust the VAT rates also distinguish the brickfox E-Commerce Cloud as excellent solution for international online trade.


  • PIM:¬†You value central administration, need to manage a large product range and want to keep the maintenance work to a minimum
  • Multichannel: You want to sell your goods via numerous sales channels while completely integrating the individual channels
  • Multishop: You distribute products from different industries and/or want to be accessible with multiple online shops in many countries
  • Supply chain integrations: You want to integrate different assortments, work with numerous suppliers or maintain multiple warehouses at different sites
  • Fulfilment integrations: You trade with goods on demand and/or want to integrate all components which are involved in the fulfilment in the process chain