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The Euronics group operates its own online marketplace. Central eCommerce platform plus online stores for retailers form a sustainable overall concept and strengthen the individuality of the retailers.

With brickfox Multichannel eCommerce & the store software Shopware, the Euronics dealer network successfully operates an eCommerce platform for consumer electronic products. It offers a complete assortment of all EURONICS dealers according to the marketplace principle, attracts buyers and strengthens the individuality of the retailers with smart integrated online stores. A technical basis component of the platform is the brickfox PIM. It centralizes and consolidates the product data of the different retailers in the Euronics eCommerce system. The brickfox middleware coordinates the data exchange between the connected ERP systems, the retailers‘ various online stores and the central Euronics marketplace.

Key features

Euronics Marketplace

  • Illustration of the eCommerce platform of the Euronics group –
  • Platform consists of marketplace for Euronics traders & individual stores for retailers
  • Coordination of product data between retailers‘ ERP systems and Euronics‘ platform (multi-shop system) via brickfox PIM, which specializes in multichannel e-commerce

ERP Connection

  • Connection of various ERP and merchandise management systems on the dealer side
  • Communication with central SAP
  • Centralization & enrichment of all product data with unique merchant ID
  • Order splitting on receipt of „mixed order“ from marketplace
  • Coordination of order data to the merchandise management system matching the retailer ID

Multishop Management

  • Central control of the Euronics multi store system based on Shopware
  • consisting of retailers‘ online stores & central Euronics marketplace
  • Marketplace with full Euronics product range and location-based product display
  • Online stores to preserve the individuality of retailers
  • Drive-to-Retail principle

Connection idealo direct purchase

  • Product data management and sales control for the marketplace idealo DIREKTKAUF

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The Euronics eCommerce Project

The company

EURONICS Deutschland eG is a group of more than 1350 electronics retailers. With 1500 locations, the electronics retail chain is spread throughout Germany. From the specialized, small store to the enormous electronics specialized market the assortment of the retailers differs according to technical adjustment and enterprise size. For example, media@home retailers have specialized in multimedia equipment for the home, while EURONICS XXL retailers offer almost the entire product range. The dealers of the affiliated group also differ in their sales orientation. Some of the dealers were till now exclusively stationary, while others had been trading online for a long time and had their own eCommerce landscapes – individual systems with different merchandise management systems & different online stores.

The goal

The goal was to consolidate and sell the entire product range of EURONICS retailers on a central EURONICS sales platform based on individual retailers‘ online stores. Euronics customers should thus be offered a contemporary and comfortable shopping experience with a full range of products. At the same time, the position of the retailers is to be strengthened according to the drive-to-retail principle. In line with this, customers will be attracted by the extensive product range on the platform – as in a marketplace – but will be served by retailers from the Group. If the customer looks at a product, he is referred to the „nearest“ EURONICS (online) store by means of location-dependent search mechanisms. The customer has the option of placing his order via the platform, but can also pick up his product at the store. In this sense, each retailer also has its own online store with an individual retail concept including assortment and price control. Each retailer therefore remains an individual EURONICS retailer, but can profit from the „walk-in customers“ of a large, central online store.

The challenge

In order to implement such a „marketplace construct“, a central eCommerce control software is required. Product data from different ERP and merchandise management systems must be bundled in this central system and each product must be assigned a unique merchant ID. Once all product data has been centrally consolidated and uniquely identified, it is then managed in a targeted manner in a multi-shop system – consisting of various dealer stores and a central sales platform. In the case of an order, it must be possible to return the product and order data to the correct merchandise management system. „Mixed“ orders must be split between different retailers. In the final step, inventory reconciliation is necessary in all relevant systems.

The solution

The eCommerce control software brickfox forms the basis for the coordination of product and order data as well as for cross-system inventory management within the platform. brickfox has an eCommerce PIM and a middleware specialized in multichannel eCommerce. The brickfox PIM combines the product data from the retailers‘ various ERP and inventory management systems and provides them with a unique merchant ID. The brickfox middleware distributes the product data in the EURONICS store system – a multishop system based on shopware. This consists of the individual online stores of the retailers – in which each one represents its individual retail concept with assortment and price sovereignty – and a large central frontend – the EURONICS platform Incoming orders are coordinated by the brickfox PIM with its intelligent order and inventory management. Orders are directed to the appropriate retailer(s) and all relevant stocks are updated.

The future

With this system the EURONICS platform can be expanded step by step. This makes it easy to integrate additional traders into the platform. Depending on the strategy of a group of companies, traders could also offer „own“ products, b-goods or special items on the marketplace. With the extended offer, the attractiveness of the platform would increase further. The more products the platform offers, the more „walk-in customers“ the search engines will „send by“.

Structure of the e-commerce system of the Euronics group:

Euronics Multichannel Manager Ulrich Seibel on the implementation of the project:

[…] brickfox coordinates the complex order and inventory management – including order splitting – for several hundred specialist dealers on the marketplace … brickfox provides our dealer network platform with a solid basis and future-oriented e-commerce control […]

[…] thanks to the good cooperation with project partners such as brickfox and NETFORMIC, all challenges that such a complex and sensitive eCommerce project entails could be mastered. […]