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As one of Germany’s largest & best-known furniture stores, Möbel Rieger relies on brickfox for multichannel eCommerce. For Möbel Rieger, sales on online marketplaces are an important building block in the sales channel mix and have already proven to be a high-revenue supplement to the online store and stationary stores shortly after the introduction of marketplace sales. After the relaunch of the Möbel Rieger online store on Shopware 6 and the Amazon launch with Shopware Markets, the company expands its marketplace landscape with brickfox to include Otto Market & Kaufland. brickfox replaces Shopware Markets and now connects the online store moebel-rieger.de with Amazon, Otto Market & soon with Kaufland. While Kaufland is in connection, Möbel Rieger is already happy about increasing sales through sales on Amazon & Otto. 

With brickfox & Shopware 6, Möbel Rieger focuses on overview, efficiency and sustainability in multichannel commerce. Möbel Rieger started into the marketplace business with Shopware 6, Shopware Markets and Amazon, but soon switched to brickfox due to the eCommerce strategy and the associated expansion intentions with a focus on Otto Market and Kaufland. Shopware Markets is already technically based on the brickfox Multichannel Engine, which makes upgrading to brickfox a manageable effort. While Shopware Markets is the optimal entry-level solution for trading on Amazon & eBay, brickfox gives retailers & manufacturers the opportunity to integrate further marketplaces like Otto, Kaufland, bol, Cdiscount & Co. into their sales channel landscape. An overview of all marketplaces you can reach and control with brickfox can be found on our marketplace interface page.


Shopware Markets

  • Amazon & eBay
  • 1 Amazon & 1 eBay channel each for the country of your SW6 store
  • Channel assignment on item level
  • Self Managed Service | independent connection
  • Shopware Support
  • easy „extension“ by moving to the brickfox full version

brickfox full version

  • more than 50 marketplaces
  • several Amazon/eBay channels
  • account takeovers
  • product assignment as mass processing on commodity group level possible
  • high degree of automation & individualization
  • professional connection by brickfox integration team
  • personal brickfox account manager
  • brickfox support with many years of experience

Besides the selection of marketplaces, Shopware Markets and the brickfox full version differ in the integration process. While Shopware Markets is a do-it-yourself solution, the brickfox full version is connected by a professional integration team. In addition, a personal account manager and an experienced support team will take care of all multichannel questions regarding your brickfox client.

Conclusion: brickfox is the consequent continuation of what Möbel Rieger has started with Shopware Markets. Retailers & manufacturers who know from the beginning that besides Amazon & eBay further channels are on the expansion agenda soon, we recommend to start directly with the brickfox full version. All others are excellently positioned with Shopware Markets.

„We have been using brickfox for a year now and are thrilled! Already the first weeks on Amazon were very successful, so that other marketplaces quickly followed. The brickfox software is intelligent and well thought-out – from product data enrichment and assortment control to order and inventory management. Important processes run automatically … this relieves our eCommerce team and optimizes the presence of our products in the channels.“

Steffen Overbeck | Head of eCommerce & Online Marketing, Möbel Rieger


If you are also faced with the question of Shopware Markets or brickfox, or would like to upgrade from Shopware Markets to brickfox, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions about your Shopware 6, Shopware Markets and a meaningful multichannel management!

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    Möbel Rieger multichannel interfaces in overview:


    Möbel Rieger currently uses brickfox as „control center“ for the marketplace sales. In this case, the Shopware 6 online store serves as the „product data source“. But there are also retailers who control their entire sales channel landscape – both marketplaces and online stores – from a central brickfox cockpit. In this case, it does not matter whether the stores are based on Shopware 5, Shopware 6 or store systems such as Oxid or Shopify. In this case, the product data source is the merchant’s existing system, e.g. ERP, merchandise management or PIM. Merchants who use the brickfox plugin for „marketplace and store control“ benefit from centralized and clear product data management for all channels in the brickfox PIM, from automated assortment control according to their own rules, and from cross-channel order and inventory management.


    Amazon is one of the sales channels with the highest revenue in the Möbel Rieger multichannel landscape. And this despite the fact that the company has so far relied exclusively on Amazon Germany. The expansion of sales to international Amazon channels can be implemented easily and uncomplicatedly at any time with brickfox. The adaptation of product data for international sales – product descriptions, prices, currencies, tax rates, etc. – is already mastered by brickfox PIM. – are already handled by the brickfox PIM in the standard version. The assortment control into the channels is automated according to individually defined rules. For incoming orders, inventories and availabilities are updated across channels. Thus, the inventories on all Amazon channels, all other marketplaces in the multichannel landscape, in the Shopware store as well as in the ERP are always up to date. Problems such as overselling, which is often severely punished by Amazon, are now a thing of the past.


    As one of the most successful eCommerce platforms in the German-speaking world, Otto Market cannot be missing from the Möbel Rieger sales channel landscape. From experience, retailers and manufacturers who connect to Otto Market sell shortly after the go-live and quickly achieve an above-average sales performance. Furthermore, a mix of different sales channels usually generates a not inconsiderable share of the company’s sales. The presence on several channels unfolds its effect gladly in the sum.


    Following the acquisition of real.de, Kaufland.de is one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in Germany. It enjoys the trust of its customers, is highly frequented, and is thus a stable pillar for the successful multichannel mix.


    In addition to the marketplace connectors shown here, there are numerous other platform connectors for Shopware 6 in the brickfox interface portfolio. Regardless of the type and number of sales channels, you manage your product data for the different channels on which you want to sell with brickfox in its function as a control center. brickfox is your tool – both for product data maintenance and enrichment as well as for bidirectional data management with the sales channels including order and inventory management.


    In the case of Möbel Rieger, the SW6 online store serves as the „product data source“. However, ERP, merchandise management and PIM systems can also be used as „product data sources“ and integrated into the multichannel landscape. Companies whose system cannot be integrated into the brickfox landscape use the brickfox CSV Connector to transfer their product data.

    In principle, the integration of multiple suppliers, manufacturers or external retailers is possible. This option is used from the expansion of existing assortments to the development of own marketplaces. Thus, brickfox is suitable from startups to global players and is not only a growth booster, but able to accompany continuous growth seamlessly and sustainably.