EOD Case Study | Multichannel eCommerce

Central marketplace distribution for Oxid online stores

Optimize Marketplace Ranking | Minimize Account Effort | Maximize eCommerce Growth – Advantages of Centralizing Marketplace Sales for 9 OXID Online Shops of European Online Distribution GmbH.

European Online Distribution GmbH – EOD for short – operates nine Oxid online stores, some of them in different industries. To generate maximum online outreach and e-commerce growth, EOD uses online marketplaces – controlled by a central Multichannel eCommerce entity of brickfox. The creation of a central multichannel e-commerce solution avoids EOD costly individual systems and the associated high maintenance costs.

For 9 online stores and their distribution on 5 marketplaces, 45 marketplace accounts would normally have to be maintained … thanks to the centralization with brickfox, all stores converge in the corresponding marketplace account. Therefore, the maintenance effort is limited to only 5 accounts. Orders are returned to the corresponding store via smart brickfox identification logic. In addition to saving costs and maintenance, centralization has a positive effect on marketplace ranking. For example, since the Amazon account is fed with products from 9 online stores, the offer is larger, there are more reviews and the account is strengthened. Amazon rewards this with a better ranking. The individual multishop brands push each other. The results are efficient workflows, strong positioning in the individual markets and sustainable growth in e-commerce. Since entering multichannel commerce with brickfox & Oxid, EOD has grown steadily. The original 3 online stores became 9. And the number of marketplaces controlled via brickfox increased to 5.

„From the standard connection to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Mercateo etc. „out of the box“ to the fulfillment of our often very special requests, I can attest brickfox the highest professionalism and customer orientation.“ Oliver Richter, CTO EOD

Central marketplace management for EOD Oxidshops

Oxidshops as product data source

Several Oxid online stores serve as a product data source for international marketplace sales.

Automated assortment control

brickfox automates and coordinates the sale of assortments according to individually defined rules.

Product data for marketplaces

Marketplace-specific enrichment of product data – such as product descriptions, prices, currencies & tax rates for sales in Germany and France – is done in brickfox.

Order and inventory management

brickfox coordinates marketplace orders and inventory updates – based on intelligent identification logic – with the corresponding online store.

From the first multichannel step to a complex eCommerce project – Smart eCommerce growth with brickfox software

  • An extension of the system with new online marketplaces is possible at any time. >> brickfox marketplace interfaces in overview.
  • The integration of additional online stores is possible at any time.
  • OXID stores can also be controlled from brickfox if required.
  • Store control centralized via brickfox enables the integration of external merchants and thus the expansion of the assortments in the own store.
  • The expansion of the system/shop to an own online marketplace is possible with brickfox.
  • brickfox accompanies retailers from the first multichannel step to the complex multichannel eCommerce project.


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