Supply chain integration with brickfox

brickfox supply chain integrations facilitate the connection of numerous assortments. brickfox coordinates as central control element:


  • Connections to an arbitrary number of assortments
  • Connections of different warehouses (sites)
  • The product data import of numerous suppliers
  • The smooth import of inventory details from different suppliers
  • The transfer of complete product descriptions and associated medial data when the merchant enters the EAN

Coordination of the entire supply chain

The implementation of numerous warehouse sites and goods is realised within the brickfox supply chain integrations. brickfox supports the central management of multiple decentralised warehouses which increases the efficiency of the management and reduces the organisational work.

The brickfox supply chain integrates both external service providers and internal supply chain components in the company. Due to the flexibility with regard to the number of interfaces, it contributes to comprehensive online supply chain management.

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