Product information management –¬†PIM

brickfox PIM is able to fulfil the stringent requirements with regard to the amount of data to be processed and quick response times. The brickfox PIM advantages for online merchants:

  • Central maintenance and management of the product data
  • Efficient workflow for the management of product content
  • Combination of product data from different sources
  • Enhancement of the product data with media files for the depiction of the products in the distribution channel
  • Flexible creation of categories
  • Automated control of the product data in the sales channels
  • Filter mechanism for the targeted control of individual products in exclusive channels
  • Maintenance of multiple price lists with different calculations as the starting point, facilitating offering a product at different prices in different channels
  • Permanent update of the inventory details in the distribution channels via the full integration of all channels
  • Handling of the orders
  • pReporting tools facilitate permanent controlling of various characteristics

Simple handling of large amounts of data with consistently high performance

Compared to stationary business, the omission of the physical product presentation makes E-Commerce increasingly attractive for the distribution of large product quantities and highly complex items with many possible combinations and variations.

However, a product range with millions of variations poses major challenges, even for an E-Commerce system. The shop must maintain a good performance despite the large number of items and it must be possible for the merchant to maintain the large amount of product data in a simple and efficient manner. In addition, the logistics and warehouse procedures that form the basis for such a trading model must be connected to the online shop in an intelligent manner in order to arrange work procedures efficiently and coordinate availabilities directly, to name an example.

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